A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Plan Your Bathroom Area.

Posted on: 14 February 2019

Although the bathroom is a private area, it says a lot about your home. A well laid out bathroom does not only enhance your home's appeal, but it can also help increase the value of your house. Below are a few tips to help you plan the bathroom area. 


Most modern homes have large bathrooms. As such, owners have the luxury of installing considerably large bathroom appliances such as bathtubs and faucets. If you have a small bathroom, below are a few ways you can make maximum use of space. 

  • Install a smaller basin and bathtub. 
  • A sliding glass door does not require any clearance to open. Besides, it can help improve the bathroom's lighting.
  • Low placed tubs and corner basins can help increase bathroom space.
  • Floating shelves are more suitable than cabinets and drawers since they do not require floor space. 


Who will be using the bathroom? Consider installing slip-proof flooring to prevent bathroom accidents. If you have children in the house, ensure that they can reach taps and cabinets. Consider installing granite countertops as they are scratch-proof. If you have disabled family members, there are a range of disability-friendly bathroom appliances such as shower seats and grab bars that can significantly improve their bathroom experience.


Be creative with bathroom storage. For instance, built-in storage towers can be perfect for storing towels, and other bathroom essentials such as soaps and tissue paper. If you are mindful about your space, consider portable storage ladders. You can place them outside the bathroom to save on space. You can also decide to add a touch of class and elegance by installing state-of-the-art vanity niches and armoires.

Lighting and colour.

White is a basic colour as it makes your bathroom look clean. However, do not be afraid to compliment it with other colours. Natural lighting can help improve your bathroom's ambience. Use chandeliers, sconces and pendants to create artificial light and highlight various fixtures in your bathroom. An experienced interior designer can help you with such installations to ensure even distribution of light in the bathroom. 

Quality of appliances. 

The bathroom appliances that you purchase must be of high quality. Preferably, buy the accessories from reputable companies. Compare the pricing of various manufacturers and ask for discounts if you are buying a lot of appliances.

Finally, your bathroom must be clean at all times. Ask your family members to rinse the floor and bathtub after showering to prevent accumulation of dirt and scum. 

When planning your bathroom, consider the available space, storage areas, bathroom lighting, colour and the quality of appliances.