The Health Benefits of Using a Pressure Cooker in Your Kitchen

Posted on: 28 April 2016

A pressure cooker uses accumulated pressure from steam to cook food. The cooker has a sealed pot, which traps the steam inside. The pot has a valve that you use to regulate the pressure level of the steam trapped inside the pot. Notably, the trapped steam enables the pressure cooker to raise the temperature inside the sealed pot beyond the boiling point of water. Therefore, your food cooks faster in a pressure cooker, unlike other traditional cooking where the maximum temperature is limited to the boiling point of water. To add on that, there are many health benefits when you use a pressure cooker in your kitchen. Here are some of them:

Highly Nutritious Food

Some nutrients in food are heat sensitive. They are destroyed by prolonged exposure to heat when cooking. Thankfully, a pressure cooker can attain very high temperatures that exceed the boiling point of water, meaning that you can cook food within a short period. This helps to retain the nutritional value of most foods by reducing their exposure to heat.

Besides nutrients, the fact that food cooks for a shorter time means that it does not lose its natural flavour and colour. In brief, using a pressure cooker is an effective way of enhancing and retaining the natural richness of the food that you are preparing.

Makes Food Easily Digestible

When it comes to food, the important aspect is what the body can absorb for use. Therefore, it is important for you to make food easily digestible so that the body can absorb as many nutrients and vitamins as possible.

Within a short time, your pressure cooker's combination of pressure and steam will work best to make tough foods both tender and succulent. Particularly, this is helpful when you are dealing with foods that take long to cook using other methods, yet they won't be adequately tenderised. A good example is tough meat.

By making the food tender and succulent, it is easy for the body to break it down chemically and absorb the available nutrients.            

Safe Food Preservation

Pressure cookers are designed in a way that you can use them for domestic food canning. The high pressure in the sealed pot is enough to cook foods in cans, which is later stored for future use. A good example of such foods is fish and meat. The pressure cooker won't hold as many cans as the conventional pressure canners do, but it will still come in handy when you need to store food for later use. With domestic canning, you can avoid chemical food preservatives that can easily harm your health.   

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