Find Out Why Drivers Are Switching Their Older Headlights For LEDs

Posted on: 22 December 2015

Have you ever spotted a vehicle with white dazzling headlights and wondered what type of lights they are? Well, if you have, welcome to H4 LED headlight technology. LED technology has been advancing rapidly and has received a generous take up in vehicle H4 headlights. In this article, discover why so many drivers are opting to replace their halogen or incandescent bulbs for LEDs:

Brighter lighting

The most distinguishable trait of LED headlights is that they are much brighter than their competitors. At the most basic level of comparison, LEDs are brighter because they provide white light unlike the blue or golden light provided by halogen and incandescent bulbs respectively. You can go online to sample picture and video comparisons on the same. H4 LED headlights are also available in as much as 3200 lumens which means that they are intrinsically brighter that most alternatives in the market.

High durability

LED lights are known to last longer than their counterparts. Part of the reason for this is that they produce less heat so chances of wear or overheating are very low. High durability means better value for your money as well as reduced risks of headlight failure while driving on the road.

Lower energy consumption

Another well known advantage of LED lighting that you can expect to enjoy on your H4 headlights is reduced power consumption. Although LEDs appear brighter, they actually take on a lower current draw. This is because they do not produce any heat. This means that when you carry out a H4 headlights LED replacement, you do not have to upgrade your battery or alternator.

Instant lighting

Another advantage of LED headlights is that they provide instant lighting. Once installed, you will notice that they come on immediately when switched on. This is unlike traditional incandescent bulbs that take a brief delay as the filament gets heated up. With H4 LED headlights, therefore, you get higher dependability, especially if you spot a hazard and need to illuminate the road ahead immediately.

No lens heating

Because LED lights do not produce any heat, they do not heat up your headlight lenses at all. Even after driving for long hours, your vehicle's lens casing will remain cool. Apart from making the headlights safer to touch, this also makes the lens easier to operate on where repairs or cleaning are required.

Great aesthetics for your car

Last but not least, LED headlights add great aesthetics for any car. The white beams look much different from the traditional gold streaks produced by incandescent bulbs. To be more specific, they look newer and contemporary – a great fit for anyone that wants their car to stand out.

And now you know. It is for these numerous and undeniable advantages that drivers are carrying out H4 headlight LED replacements on their cars. And you too can do the same by ordering an LED conversion kit from a company like Creative Lighting Solutions Aust Pty Ltd and having it installed by a mechanic.